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Arabic Damascene Luxurious Art Craft Pieces 


qeshani Story


Pieces of art that transport us from the ancient palaces of Damascus to a second world  From the Levant, the country of successive civilizations.. the land of legends.. and the oriental heritage whose beauty or diversity has no limits.. We seek to transfer this heritage from Damascus to the State of Kuwait and from there to all parts of the world..  Qeshani is a limited liability company located in the State of Kuwait and is specialized in selling handcrafted pieces and products of faience .

Our products are original, hand-made, made of natural elements, professionally designed and pasted with fingers that express feelings, painted with purity of the soul, and decorated with the sweat of the forehead. They tell the story of the wrinkles of the faience clay paste, to turn them into masterpieces that give an oriental touch to your hospitality décor.

  Our goal is to supply this large market with unique and unreleased products in the region.. Our ambition is to expand eastward to the edges of the world, not to sell hand-made products only.. but to spread the culture of manual labor and the stories of the cultures of the peoples whose words are hidden in the secrets of every detail of these pieces of art. The most amazing.


جديد قيشاني